Sir Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake

FRANCIS DRAKE: – It is my point of view that set of experiences has had privileged insights which Royal Families like the Stuart Bees expected to hold near their vest; and that these mysteries are as yet kept by our alleged ‘specialists’ ever, right up ’til now. The English case to proprietorship in the Americas has been made based on John Cabot who may never have arrived at the area of Canada and that Venetian imbecilic sailor was fool among his counterparts. Assuming our set of experiences permits that different countries would have given credit and privileges in light of his story – then practically any sort of mystery arrangement can be envisioned. It probably elaborate the Holy Alliance which went on in such later goes about as The Treaty of Verona between the Romano-Bruttii of Rome and England in 1822.


The Toronto Star has a book audit on Sunday August 10, 2003 which permits us to investigate these mysteries including lovers and ill-conceived How to join the illuminati ne history.



The Pirate Explorer…


Assuming Samuel Bawlf has his direction, it could turn out that the trick of the trade of the sixteenth 100 years (and since) is that amazing ocean canine, Sir Francis Drake, found Vancouver Island, Georgia Strait and focuses north up to Alaska.


Bawlf, a previous priest in the B. C. government and a geographer via preparing, spreads out his hypothesis in The Secret Voyage of Sir Francis Drake, 1577-1580. With a cast of supporting characters going from Queen Elizabeth I to her spymaster, Sir Francis Walsingham, and her stargazer and one-man think tank, the Elizabethan magus, John Dee, {Who at an early age examined with Mercator and was granted the most elevated praises. He likewise knew the Rosicrucian Earth Energy Grid. I have tracked down Masonic created working nearby alongside trepanned skulls, for example, the Merovingian King Dagobert had. This obscure demonstration permitted more prominent profound attunement however the archeological record I tracked down it in has no information on these things and considers it just secretive. That record and those relics are pre-Christian however no where close as old as hereditary following shows that Vancouver Island (almost a colossal gold source) has human home – 75,000 years. That is as indicated by CBC radio and its magnificent show IDEAS. Walsingham was subsequently supplanted by Bacon who might have been Elizabeth’s child however needed to keep a Catholic picture somewhat which permitted one more fascinating arrangement to permit James Stuart to become King of England. We as a whole realize his stepbrother Lord Boswell was an incredible esotericist who he dreaded significantly while he killed copyists who wouldn’t compose the Bible as he saw fit; and killed witches aplenty because of his own conviction [fear is faith in this case] in their power.} The Secret Voyage of Sir Francis Drake is a story of oceanic experience, state privileged insights and concealments which even a rehearsed connivance scholar may be unable to enhance…


As proof of a concealment, Bawlf draws on his insight as a geographer to break down two or three contemporary guides and records of Drake’s journey which truly look similar to the shoreline of the Pacific Northwest and Vancouver Island – just the geology is put at 10 levels of scope further south… also, with a gag-request adding up to a sixteenth century rendition of the Official Secrets Act.


Why the concealment? Indeed, for a certain something, this was when guides were just about as desirously monitored as nuclear bomb insider facts somewhat recently and hello tech developments in this…


For another, England was in a virus battle with the Catholic powers (essentially Spain). As the head Protestant power, England was giving military guide to Dutch Calvinist agitators against their Spanish masters, and undermining the domain of France with monetary guide to the Huguenots (more Calvinists)…


{Yet, these supposed Calvinists were going by Hibernian Troubadour types like the Cathars. I have additionally found them associated with Illuminati capers with any semblance of Goethe and Carlyle. Goethe and William of Hesse or Mayer Rothschild established the Weishaupt Illuminati alongside a couple of others I have managed with.}


In 1954, an Alaskan miner found a metal plate engraved in Latin, naming Drake and asserting the land for Queen Elizabeth.” (27)

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