Arahant PraSivali – Buddhist Icon of Luck and Good Fortune



Account of PraSivaliThaera – Icon of veneration for those with extraordinary fortune in abundance and business deals. This occurred because of numerous occasions which demonstrated his astonishing quality and capacity top produce abundance and favorable luck – the force of ‘MahaSanaeh’


PraSivali was the dad of Pra Nang Subpawaasaa, an illustrious princess of Goliyanakara. In any event, when he was still in the belly of his mom, his massive air of fortunate energy emanated out and make his mom recive much karma and expansion in riches. PraSivali stayed in his moms belly for a time of 7 years, 7 months and 7 days. As the ideal opportunity for  nangs delivery brisbane  him to be conceived drawn nearer, his mom started to experience incredible agony, so she sent a Swami to ask the Buddha for endowments. The Lord Buddha gave the accompanying gift;


“May Nang Subpawaasaa of Goliya city be blissful, and liberated from sickness, and bring forth a child who can’t be found to have any imperfections or diseases”.


Due to the power discharged by the extraordinary benefits and immaculateness of the Enlightened One, his words happened and became truth – the aggravation that Nang Subpawaasaa was encountering lessened, and she brought forth her child effectively without any misfortunes or languishing. PraSivali appeared on the scene out as effectively as water poured from a pot. The Nobles of the Court assembled and settled on a name for her Princely child, and provided him with the name of “Sivali Kumara” (PraSivaliGumarn, in Thai).


When Nang Subpawaasaa recuperated genuinely, she concluded she wished to make dinner contributions and worship for a time of 7 days to the Lord Buddha. She sent her Swamis to proceed to welcome the Buddha and the organization of Sangha to come to the royal residence and get contributions and love. The greeting offered them to come and remain the entire 7 days. Despite the fact that he had quite recently been conceived, PraSivaliGumarns body was at that point major areas of strength for as a seven year old kid, and he assisted his mom with planning and orchestrate the dinner contributions, and to channel the water for the priests to securely drink. As PraSivaliGumarn was helping his mom and father to do this, the incomparable Arahant PraSaributraThaera was watching the entire time. PraSaributra took an incredible jumping at the chance to PraSivaliGumarn, and when the seven days of veneration contributions was finished, PraSaributra moved toward PraSivaliGumarn and welcomed him to come and appoint as an individual from the Sangha.


PraSivali acknowledged right away (for he previously had every one of the characteristics and tendencies to turn into a priest), and asked his mom and father for consent to appoint. Whenever ha had gotten consent, he went to the Aram of PraSaributra, and was appointed into the ‘PraKammathaan’ (initiatory strategies for training of a plain abstinent priest); DtajaBpanjaKammathaan – Gaesaa (hair), Lomaa (fur), Nagkhaa (nails), Dtantaa (teeth), Dtajo (skin). This is the act of noticing the vitally five individual elements of the living body, and see beyond the molding that it is wonderful, seeing the messy pieces of the body

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