Book Revue of Nine Dragon by Michael Connelly



Harry Bosch is working with a break group of wrongdoing warriors in LA. He gets the call to explore a homicide in South Los Angeles and it takes him to Fortune Liquors. Bosch recalled the Chinese proprietor who had been shot, from a couple of years sooner. The proprietor had given him a matchbook at that point, that said; “Cheerful is the one who tracks down shelter in himself”. Bosch had been conveying the matchbook with him from that point forward. The trademark had helped Bosch and he thought of it as a consideration from Mr. Li.


The alcohol store’s reconnaissance camera recording, alongside a meeting with Li’s child, help Bosch and his accomplice, Iggy Ferras, to reason that the shooter might have come there to gather insurance or pay off cash. This Chinese man was distinguished as Jing Chang. He was an individual from a set of three. A ternion is a kind of mafia or criminal organization type bunch with establishes in Hong Kong. China sets of three had been a unique focal point of LAPD’s Asian pack recognition unit so Bosch worked with an investigator by the name of David Chu. There was some doubt from the get go yet ultimately, they functioned admirably together.


Then, at that point, Harry gets the word that his little girl who lives in Hong Kong is unexpectedly absent from her home there. Maddie lives with her mom. He quickly imagines that there might be an association between the Liquor Store wrongdoing and his kid. He stops what he is doing and snatches a trip to the magnificent city to search for his little girl.


Investigator Harry Bosch takes on the Chinese Triads at their source. It had now turned into his own matter. His ex is rushed. Harry had been hitched momentarily to previous FBI specialist Eleanor Wish.    สล็อตเว็บตรง    They had created a youngster however Bosch hadn’t been aware of her until long after their separation. Eleanor first lived in Quite a while then moved to China to work in a club in Macau. Harry had as of late been able to know his little girl. He cherished her now. They had chatted on the telephone and message informed each other consistently. He unquestionably maintained that nothing should happen to her now.


Harry bounced solidly into the risky pieces of the city. Kowloon was where the greater part of the groups of three were found. He got to notice the exercises encompassing the Festival of Hungry Ghosts. Individuals there would consume penances to their predecessors. Hong Kong was very unfamiliar to him despite the fact that he had been there before in more settled times.


One thing that he had finished with Mattie, he had honestly sent her photographs of the casualty’s malignant lungs as a parent’s advance notice about the risks of smoking. Likewise, he had requested that she decipher a tattoo tracked down on Li’s lower legs from his open case. He sent a photograph to his Mandarin talking girl with the expectation that she could decipher it. Maddie was a brilliant teen.


Without the information on the Hong Kong specialists, Harry picks a few locks and shoots a few trouble makers. His ex has chance in a cross fire. His girl is in the long run found. She had been seized by the Chinese sets of three. At the point when he viewed as her, she was secured and in the storage compartment of a vehicle. Harry and Maddie head to the air terminal. She currently will live with Bosch in Los Angeles.

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