How to Remove a Virus From My Android Phone?

 How to Remove a Virus From My Android Phone?


With every opportunity comes a great risk. When talking about the Android phone we have a lot of apps which have a lot of opportunities, with each app there are a download apk app

lot of risks.

Let me talk about the Virus removal activities first. We start with choosing the correct antivirus for our phone. Following is a list of free antivirus available for installation, but beware that only one antivirus should be installed for a particular phone.

  1. Avast! Mobile Security:

Avast is excellent if the virus infecting your phone is a web based and attacks whenever you are browsing on the internet.

  1. AVG Mobilation:

AVG is excellent if and when the virus attack happens whenever you open the app like a game, productivity app like Xcell sheet viewer or something.

  1. Lookout Mobile Security
  2. Dr.Web for Android

Lookout Mobile Security & Dr. Web are both generic in outlook and can be used for normal security purposes for your Android.

But, how to install the antivirus?

  1. The usual process of installation of antivirus is simple.
  2. You log on to the Google App store.

iii. Search for antivirus. Download it free of cost or purchase the same if required.

  1. Once downloaded, the phone will install. Please make sure you have enough disk space for the same.
  2. Post installation. The antivirus will take care of phone’s virus problems on it’s own.

But my phone, does not allow me to access the Google Play Store.

Sometimes it may happen that the virus attack is severe and it may block your internet service or maybe does not allow you to access the Google Play store. In the scenario do the following

  1. Go to your phone settings.
  2. Uncheck or enable the option to install apps from “other than trusted sources”



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