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Immobilizers come in many sizes, shapes and voltages. Ordering these qualities will assist you with picking a fitting self protection item.




The prototypical immobilizer is rectangular in shape and maybe 3/4 to one inch thick. Estimates by and large increment with voltage power. This is essentially as much as to hold a larger number of batteries than whatever else.


The subsequent normal shape is one of a  6.5 Creedmoor ammo or Blackberry. This is the purported “secret” self preservation thing where the goal of the gadget is taken cover behind a harmless shape. These are adequately little to fit in a satchel or glove compartment.


A third shape has as of late shown up where the handle is formed into the gadget. Consider knuckle reinforcements where the organization is straight on. This shape offers a safer hold which could be urgent in a high pressure circumstance. The Knuckle Blaster is a 950,000 volt immobilizer that really looks like knuckle reinforcements (albeit this one is shaped plastic with an external delicate elastic skin.)


Daze twirly doos are additionally individuals from the immobilizer family. Consider these innovative variants of the night stick. They are a characteristic for a mobile patrolman and the night guardian.




One of the tallest of the square shape style immobilizers is the Streetwise SW1000. This 1000K volt shocker measures 8.25 inches x 2 inches x 1 inch. It likewise includes an inherent alert. It requires three 9 volt batteries to control.


At the other range, the Small Fry a million volt little immobilizer might be the littlest battery controlled critic with the greatest pummel. This model estimates an astonishing 3 1/4 inches x 2 inches x 3/4 inch. This is made conceivable by the advancement of lithium batteries. This model Small Fry immobilizer takes three button size lithium-particle batteries.


Stagger mallet come in either fixed or expandable models. You can keep your assailant under control with the expandable sort which can reach out to 21″. With your arm out-extended you can ward an aggressor a more secure distance off than with a customary hand held. Normal fixed paralyze twirly doo sizes are 16, 18 and 20 inches. A few models highlight an alert to alarm an eventual interloper ideally.




Immobilizer voltages run the range from 80,000 volts to 1.2 million volts. Many fall in the 300K to 500K territory. At 80K, the Talon MINI immobilizer is one of the littlest and most reasonable models. It estimates only 4″ tall and has sufficient ability to keep a future aggressor bewildered and mistook for a few minutes. At the other limit, the Double Trouble immobilizer conveys a ultra strong 1.2 million volts. It’s one of the new hold style gadgets with contacts on one or the flip side. This plan is liable for the unit’s high power.

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