Gun Purses For Women That Are Functional And Fashionable

 Gun Purses For Women That Are Functional And Fashionable


The world can be a very threatening place, and many women are choosing to take their personal protection into their own hands by purchasing a hand gun. Of course .38 special ammo , every gun needs a proper holster, and fortunately for ladies there is a perfect solution. Gun purses for women offer a great way to stay protected while also maintaining a stylish persona. There are many different kinds of purses to choose from, and such purses offer a safe and secure method of carrying your gun every day.

Wearable holsters are often not practical for women who tend to wear more fitted clothing. Gun purses often feature hidden compartments where a gun can be holstered safely and discreetly. A gun purse for a woman allows for concealed storage of your weapon in a safe place where you can be aware of its location at all times, while also being able to take it with you virtually everywhere – which is of utmost importance in many self-defense situations.

Gun purses for women are typically much more secure than standard purses to prevent theft of your weapon. Many include slash proof straps, which stops thieves from cutting the purse loose from your shoulder, while others employ locking mechanisms that prevent anyone but the owner from accessing hidden compartments. These additions are imperative to those who carry weapons in their purse to prevent assailants from gaining access to their gun during an altercation.

When searching for a suitable purse, one needn’t sacrifice style for functionality. For women, gun purses come in an array of colors and styles, with purses to suit the tastes of each and every type of female gun owner. There are even designer purses suitable for carrying guns, perfect for the girl with her eye on high-end style. It’s really only a matter of budget and taste when choosing the right purse.

In the event that you have to draw your weapon in a dangerous situation, it’s important to be comfortable with your gun purse. You should be aware of exactly how to access your weapon, and it should be easy to draw. Practice drawing your weapon to get a feel for it and time how long it will take. If an attack does occur, things are likely to move very quickly. The more comfortable you are with both the weapon and the compartment it’s stored in, the more likely you will be able to respond quickly and effectively.



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